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Complete Reptronix Line Card ( )

Q-Tech ( )  
SPACE SAW Clock Oscillator
SPACE Voltage Controlled SAW Clock Oscillator>
Temperature Compensated SAW Oscillator TCSO
Space OCXO Crystal Oscillators 3.3 to 15Vdc - 1MHz to 125MHz

Extreme High Temperature Crystal Oscillators
QT2010 MCXO microcomputer compensated crystal Oscillators
High Shock Crystal Oscillators
Sine Wave Crystal Oscillators
VCXO Crystal Oscillators
7x5mm SMD commercial temp, mil temp, LEO (low earth orbit) space
Class B+ small form MILQPL oscillators
Space TCXO Crystal Oscillators
Space XO Crystal Oscillators

Southwest Microwave ( )  
Hi-Rel/Space Microwave Connectors
0.9 mm SuperMini DC to 67 GHz Connectors
SMKey, new high-security 3.7 mm keyed coax connectors
Super SMA Connectors 27 GHz
End Launch Connectors to 50 GHz
N & TNC Connectors
2.92mm, 2.40mm & 1.85mm Connectors

Norden Millimeter, Inc ( )  
RF Switches, Switched Filters

Delta Microwave (

GPS components
Bandpass and Band Reject Filters
High Pass and Low Pass Filters
Combiners, splitters, amplifiers, diplexers
Space qualified components
Techtrol Cyclonetics, Inc
Frequency Control Components, Instruments, Sources
Noise Measurement Instruments, References, Sources, Systems
Noise Calibration Instruments
Military Legacy Instruments & Systems
Low Noise OCVCXO
Low Noise Multiplier

Knowles Acoustics(
Worlds Smallest Microphone
Surface Mount Microphone (Silicon Microphone)
Condenser Microphones
Magnetic Microphones
Micro Speakers
Amplified Micro Speakers
Miniature Speakers
Piezo Ceramic Microphones

Kanthal Globar
( )  
Replacements for Carbon Composition Resistors
AS Resistors absorb large amounts of energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive
SP Resistors non-inductive power handling - at frequencies to GHz range
500SP Non-Inductive Bulk Ceramic Slab Resistors, excellent volumetric power efficiency

SSI Cable Corp
Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies
Welded; Soldered Connector Joints
Cryogeneic; Phase Matched Assemblies
Delay Lines

LiteOn Electronics
( )  

Superflux LED Lamps
DVD LED Display
16x32 3-color dot-matrix display - with build-in driver
3-in-1 Full-color surface mount LED
PLCC Level-2 LTST-Single, Dual color
White Mega-Bright LEDs ( T1 and T13/4)
Ultra Bright OVAL lamp series, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm
Mini Flat Package
Optocouplers, Interrupters, Photolinks,
LED + Digital Ambient Light + Proximity Sensor
Switching Power Supplies

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